Lantern 4

A major step forward for the most popular mobile forensic application on the Market. We again listened to our users and brought some exciting features to the table. We listened to the need to add more than one device to a case file. But we went further than that. You can add devices, Macs, Call Detail Record, previous case files, iCloud and computer backups into one consolidated case file. Just doing that will automatically trigger Link Analysis. Automatically see who is communicating to who. Our Link Analysis was designed to be intuitive and uncomplicated in order to decipher thousand of pieces of information.

Next, a file system viewer integrated into the application itself for manual analysis with a built in plist editor. Do you have a lot of peripheral information and don’t know what to do with it? Lantern 4 answers that! Bring in Search Warrants , property forms, pictures of devices examined, reports from other programs into one consolidated report. These are just some of the new exciting features of the new Lantern 4!

We treat mobile devices like computers, not just a phone. No gimmicks or hardware attachments needed. Lantern is the most innovative solution on the market.

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Lantern 4

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